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What is the Massachusetts State Lottery's Federal ID number?

The Massachusetts State Lottery's Federal ID number is: 04-2628159. Top

What happens to the revenue the Lottery generates from sales?
  1. A minimum of 45% of revenues stays in the State Lottery Fund to be paid out in prizes. The Lottery's current prize percentage is over 72%.
  2. A portion of revenues is transferred to the commonwealth’s General Fund for the expenses incurred in administering and operating the Lottery. The administrative and operating expenses of the Lottery are appropriated by the legislature as part of the annual state budget. Operating expenses cannot exceed 15%. Currently, operating expenses are under 8%. These operating expenses include 5.7% in commissions and bonuses paid to the sales agents who sell the tickets and under 2% in administrative expenses due to Lottery operation.
  3. After prizes and expenses, the remaining Lottery revenues (approximately 20%) are transferred to the General Fund and returned to the cities and towns of the Commonwealth in the form of local aid.


What happens if someone under 18 wins a large prize?

People under age 18 can’t purchase Lottery tickets. If an adult-purchased winning ticket is claimed in the name of a person under 18, the director may direct payment of the prize to the minor. For prizes less than $5,000, a check or draft payable to the order of the minor can be delivered to an adult member of the minor’s family or a guardian of the minor. For prizes greater than $5,000, the amount can be deposited in any bank to the credit of an adult member of the minor’s family or a guardian of the minor, with the adult acting as the custodian for the account. Top

How do customers collect their winnings?

All Lottery Sales Agents may pay prizes up to and including $600. Prizes over $600 and up to $49,999 can be claimed at any Lottery regional office (Boston, Braintree, New Bedford, Woburn, Worcester or Springfield). Prizes of $50,000 and over must be claimed in person at Lottery Headquarters in Braintree. The Lottery requires proof of positive identification for all prizes over $600. You must have a photo ID that contains your signature and proof of your social security number when claiming a prize over $600. Top

Is a photograph required when making a claim?

Lottery regulations state that a claimant's name, city or town, image, amount of prize, claim date and game are public record. Therefore, photographs may be taken and used to publicize winnings. Top

What happens if a winner dies before collecting all the annual payments due?

The remaining annual payments will be made to the estate of the deceased prizewinner. Top

If a person is retired or on Welfare or Social Security, how will winning the Lottery affect them?

Questions involving taxes require individual answers. Winners should consult a qualified tax accountant. Top

How much do I have to win before anything is withheld?

For prizes of more than $600, 5% is withheld and sent to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. For prizes $5,000 and greater, 24% of the prize is withheld and sent to the Internal Revenue Service and 5% is withheld and sent to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Top

Does the Lottery send me a withholding statement (W-2)?

The Massachusetts State Lottery will provide a withholding statement (W2G) on all prizes over $600.

However, if your Lottery prize is greater than $5,000, 24% of your prize will be automatically withheld and sent directly to the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, 5% is required to be withheld and sent to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Some winners will receive the W2G form at the time of prize payment. If not, you will receive a W2G form from the Lottery by mail in January.

Effective December 1, 2004, the Massachusetts State Legislature enacted a law that changed the threshold to which Lottery prizes are taxed. The law requires the Massachusetts State Lottery to withhold state taxes on all prizes of more than $600.00 as mandated by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 62B §2 as amended. Federal tax withholding will operate as before.

Please consult a tax professional for specific tax questions.

You may be eligible to deduct your losses. Deductions can be made on federal taxes up to the amount of your winnings and only if you itemize deductions on Schedule A of Form 1040. Top

I lost my W2G form. What do I do?

You may request a reprint of the W2G form with this form. Print, fill out and sign the form. Then mail it to:

Massachusetts State Lottery
60 Columbian Street
Braintree MA 02184

ATTN: Tax Department

Or fax it to: 781-849-5596 Top

Can claims be made out in more than one name?

No, claims can be made out in one name only and prize checks are issued to the claimant. Top

Can non-residents play the game? If so, how do they collect?

Yes, anyone 18 and over can purchase any Lottery product at any agent location. All players can collect their prizes at the same locations referenced in the “How do customers collect their winnings” FAQ. Season Tickets can be purchased directly from any sales agent while in the state, or from out of state by calling l-800-222-TKTS. The ticket can be registered in the owner’s name by completing and returning the registration form to the Lottery. Season Tickets are available for Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, Megabucks Doubler and Powerball.

Lucky for Life, Mega Millions and Powerball season tickets cannot be purchased via phone or by mail from out of state. Top

What is the cost of a Season Ticket?

Megabucks Doubler tickets are $1 and are drawn two times a week. The following are the prices of season tickets for this game.
13 Week Season Ticket = $25 (26 drawings)
26 Week Season Ticket = $50 (52 drawings)
52 Week Season Ticket = $100 (104 drawings)

Mega Millions, Lucky for Life and Powerball are $2 tickets and are drawn 2 times a week. The following are the prices of season tickets for these games.
13 Week Season Ticket = $50 (26 drawings)
26 Week Season Ticket = $100 (52 drawings)
52 Week Season Ticket = $200 (104 drawings)

Available July 1, 2018, Mass Cash tickets are $1and are drawn seven times a week. The following are the prices of season tickets for this game.
13 Week Season Ticket = $87 (91 drawings)
26 Week Season Ticket = $175 (182 drawings)
52 Week Season Ticket = $350 (364 drawings)

There is generally a discount period in mid-November through early January, and another in the summer.

Click here for more information about Season Tickets


How do Season Ticket holders receive their prize?

With the exception of the jackpot prize, all prizes are mailed directly to the owner. The lower tier prize payments over $600 are mailed after complying with the Massachusetts State Lottery’s request for Social Security number. Prizes under $600 are mailed directly to the owner. Jackpot prize winners are notified to come to the Braintree office to claim their prize. Top

What connection does the Lottery have with Bingo (Beano) Games?

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission controls the operation of Bingo.

Bingo (Beano) was legalized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on September 29, 1971. Effective September 4, 1973, Chapter 729 of the Acts of 1973 transferred responsibility for control of the operation of Bingo from the Department of Public Safety to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. Effective January 1, 1978, Chapter 219 of the Acts of 1977 transferred responsibility for collection of the 5% Bingo and Raffle/Bazaar (Casino Function) Tax on Gross Proceeds from the Department of Revenue to the Lottery. Top

Can I play the games on holidays?

Any Lottery agent open on holidays can accept bets and sell tickets. Top

Can I play the Massachusetts Lottery on the internet?

The Massachusetts State Lottery adheres to the federal law, the Wire Communications Act of 1961, which prohibits the use of wire communication facilities (telephone lines) for interstate or foreign gambling purposes. The use of telephone wires in internet transmission is defined under that law and therefore it is unlawful for the Lottery to offer its games for sale online. Top

Can a minor sell lottery tickets?

Yes. Top

What happens if I lose my ticket?

You must notify the Lottery claims department in writing about a lost ticket. You must provide all the details, such as date played, time played, where played, number played, etc. The claims department will research the claim and notify you of the result. If you lose a season ticket that has been registered you can call the Season Ticket department to request a duplicate. 1-800-222-8587 Top

How do I file a complaint concerning compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”)?

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission will promptly and thoroughly investigate all customer complaints regarding the accessibility of Lottery products at a licensed sales agent location. 

A complaint should be filed within 30 days after the action complained of occurs, or following notice of a barrier at a Lottery agent’s location.  Complainants are encouraged to use the MSLC’s On-Line ADA Complaint Form when filing complaints. This form is available online at MSLC_ADA Complaint Form and at all Massachusetts State Lottery Commission regional offices. 

All ADA related complaints will be investigated in accordance with the MSLC’s ADA Grievance Procedure


Are You a Winner?

You will need the following items when you claim your prize if over $600:

  • Your winning ticket(s)
  • Signed photo identification
  • Proof of your Social Security Number
  • Proof of your current address
Drawing Procedures

The Massachusetts State Lottery offers five games that require manual drawings. Learn more about their drawing procedures.

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