Pull Tabs

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Pull Tabs

Pull Tabs are two-ply laminated paper tickets that contain perforated windows which conceal slot machine symbols, numbers, etc. These tickets have either three (3) or five (5) windows and various game themes.

Pull Tab Example

The front of the ticket contains the name of the game, the cost, the winning symbol combinations, the prizes, and the serial number of the game. The back of the ticket contains perforated windows that open to reveal the game symbols. Under each window are winning and losing symbols. All Pull Tab tickets contain the Lottery logo and the state seal as well as instructions concerning where and when Pull Tabs are to be sold.

A player wins by matching the winning symbols in a straight left to right matching situation or by matching the winning symbols in a criss-cross manner (like tic-tac-toe). These tickets are underscored by either red or blue lines running through the winning symbols or the word "win" written on the winning symbol. All winning tickets have the $ amount of the win printed on the ticket. Also, all winning tickets of $25.00 and above have a second set of validation numbers printed on them.

Pull Tabs have a fixed cost and a fixed prize structure. Pull Tab tickets are to be played on Massachusetts Lottery licensed premises only. They must be cashed in by the close of business on the same day and at the same location where they were purchased. This is one area where Pull Tabs differ from instant tickets. Instants can be bought and cashed anywhere within the commonwealth.

Pull Tabs are sold in a set form. The various game sets come in different ticket quantities and size. All of the tickets in a set (example 3983 ticket set) have the same serial number printed on each individual ticket.

A flare card is packed in each set of Pull Tab tickets. The flare card visually displays the prize structure for the particular set of tickets. The Sales Agent must prominently display the flare card and cross off all winning prizes of $25.00 and above. The purpose of the flare card is to maintain the integrity of the game so that players know what prizes are available in the set, and to assist the Sales Agent in the management of the game.

Rules & Regulations
  1. For sale on Massachusetts State Lottery licensed premises only.
  2. Players must be at least 18 years old to purchase tickets.
  3. Prizes must be claimed by close of business on day of sale.
  4. Prizes can only be paid at place of purchase.
  5. Sellers must mark flare cards on all prizes of $25.00 or more that have been paid.
  6. Seller may discontinue the sale of any game to the public at any time.
  7. Players must cash winning tickets prior to leaving the premises.
  8. A set cannot be commingled with another set.
  9. A ticket dispenser may not contain all the tickets from a set. Bettors must inquire with the sales agent.
  10. Sales agent agrees to surrender unsold tickets to the Lottery upon the voluntary termination or revocation of the Lottery license.
  11. Sales agent agrees to permit unannounced inspection by Lottery personnel of its compliance with the rules and regulations of the Lottery.
  12. The purchase and the sale of Pull Tab tickets are subject to the rules and regulations of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.
Where to Play

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Did You Know?

In 1992, the Lottery began licensing certain agents, primarily restaurants, bars and private clubs, to sell Pull Tabs. Pull Tab tickets offer a variety of popular themes, from patriotic to holiday-based.