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Supporting 351 Cities and Towns

The Lottery is an essential source of unrestricted local aid in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Lottery funds are not earmarked for any specific programs, allowing cities and towns to choose how they would like to allocate their funds.  Examples of how these funds are utilized include public safety staffing and equipment, snow removal, local road improvements, school services, programs for seniors, and parks and recreation projects.  Unrestricted local aid is distributed by the Department of Revenue according to a formula established by the State Legislature.  Click on your city or town in the map below to find out how much your city or town received this year (figures provided by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Division of Local Services).

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Lottery Net Profit Returned to Commonwealth

Fiscal Year Net Profit
2018 $997,056,603
2017 $1,039,697,474
2016 $989,411,399
2015 $985,878,684
2014 $974,561,663
2013 $955,801,187
2012 $983,785,640
2011 $887,912,632
2010 $903,486,045
2009 $859,407,483