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Supporting 351 Cities and Towns

The Lottery is an essential source of unrestricted local aid in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  In Fiscal Year 2017, the Lottery returned $1.039 billion in net profit to the Commonwealth, from which $957,955,562 was distributed in the form of direct local aid to the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns.  All direct local aid is distributed according to a local aid formula established by the state legislature.

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Local Aid

Time period Direct local aid Indirect local aid
Reflects Governor’s 9C reduction of $43,738,002
Section 100 of Chapter 165 of the Acts of 2012 eliminated the Arts Lottery transfer of $78,613,899, which had been included in Indirect local aid in previous years. As a result, the Lottery reflected a surplus of $44,750,944, which was transferred to the General Fund.
Total Local Aid is $979,797,001. 89.28% from Mass. Lottery (General Fund), 10.72% from Gaming Local Aid Fund.
Total Local Aid is $1,021,928,272. 93.94% from Mass. Lottery (General Fund), (6.06%) from Gaming Local Aid Fund.
Fiscal Year 2017**** $1,021,928,272 $15,786,334
Fiscal Year 2016*** $979,797,001 $15,657,244
Fiscal Year 2015 $945,750,001 $13,278,968
Fiscal Year 2014** $920,230,293 $9,580,426
Fiscal Year 2013 $868,895,803 $86,905,384
Fiscal Year 2012 $897,703,808 $86,081,832
Fiscal Year 2011 $802,202,721 $85,709,911
Fiscal Year 2010 $859,407,000 $89,303,488
Fiscal Year 2009* $810,875,000 $92,270,485
Fiscal Year 2008 $935,028,283 $91,881,958
Fiscal Year 2007 $920,028,283 $91,003,884


Lottery revenues are distributed to the 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth according to a local aid formula established by Legislature. Lottery funds are not earmarked for any specific programs, allowing cities and towns to choose how they would like to spend the funds. For example, hiring additional police officers or purchasing firefighting equipment.



Where the Money goes 2017

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