Jackpot Poker to go

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Jackpot Poker To Go

Jackpot Poker To-Go allows you to play up to 30 consecutive draws at a Lottery retailer location and check the game results on-line at www.masslottery.com.
All the rules and regulations are the same as the Jackpot Poker game sold at Lottery retailers with game monitors.

How to play

  1. Choose the amount you want to wager per game.

  2. Choose the number of consecutive draws that you want to play for the numbers you selected on the bet slip.

  3. Choose five (5) numbers from the 52 numbers on the bet slip or choose a Quic Pic (QP).

  4. Choose if you want to play the Progressive Jackpot (PJ) option. This will cost an extra $1 per draw.

  5. Give your bet slip to the Lottery agent. The agent will give you back your bet slip and your game ticket

  6. Check your game ticket immediately to ensure numbers on printed game ticket are consistent with the numbers you chose on the bet slip.

  7. In each Jackpot Poker drawing, the Lottery randomly selects a playing card for each number from 1 to 52.

  8. Your Jackpot Poker “hand” consists of the five cards on the screen corresponding with the five numbers on your ticket.

  9. Your prize is based on the best “poker hand” you can make with those cards.

  10. If your ticket is a winner, sign the back and bring it to a Lottery agent to claim a prize of $600 or less. Prizes over $600 must be claimed at a Lottery office.


    Jackpot Poker’s Progressive Jackpot (PJ) option is a separate wager. You must first play the Jackpot Poker game to be able to play the PJ. The PJ costs an additional $1 per game to play. If you played the PJ option and won Jackpot Poker with a Royal Straight Flush (RSF), you win the Progressive Jackpot. The Progressive Jackpot grows with every PJ sale. If you played the PJ option and won the RSF prize, the minimum amount you would win is $100,000.*

    To play the Progressive Jackpot (PJ) option, mark the "Y" box on your bet slip. The cost of your wager will increase by $1 per game played. *In the event there are multiple winners of the Progressive Jackpot (PJ), the prize amount allocated for the jackpot shall be divided equally among all of the PJ winners. The odds of winning the Progressive Jackpot, if selected, are 1:649,740.

How to win

  Hand Sample Description  
  Royal Straight Flush A K Q J 10 of the same suit  
  Straight Flush Any 5 consecutive cards of the same suit that is NOT a Royal Straight Flush  
  Four of a kind, Jacks or better Any four of the same card, Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces  
  Four of a kind Any four of the same card, different suits  
  Full House Any 3 of the same card plus any 2 of the same card any suit  
  Flush Any 5 cards of the same suit  
  Straight Any 5 cards in order, not of same suit  
  Three of a kind Any three of the same cards of different suits  
  Two Pair Any two sets of the same cards of any suit  
  One pair Jacks or better Any one pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces in any suit  

Watch Jackpot Poker from today

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The Jackpot Poker Game ticket

Sample Jackpot Poker Game To Go Ticket

If you’ve won

Present your signed winning ticket(s) to the Sales Agent. Sales Agents can cash tickets up to $600 each. For a ticket winning $601 or more, you must fill out a claim form, and visit a Lottery office location.