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lottery logo New $5 game features over $46.2 million in instant win and second chance prizes!

BRAINTREE, MA (Tuesday, August 26, 2014) – With the opening kickoff of the 2014 season less than two weeks away, the Massachusetts Lottery and the New England Patriots are welcoming a new addition to their winning roster of team-branded “scratch” games with the introduction of the 2014 New England Patriots Instant Ticket. The new $5 ticket goes on sale today at the Lottery’s 7,400 licensed retailers across the state.

The 2014 New England Patriots Instant Ticket is the Lottery’s fourth Patriots-branded offering since 2009, when Massachusetts introduced the lottery industry’s first scratch ticket to feature a National Football League team logo.

This new game offers immediate “scratch and win” cash prizes and second chance prizes totaling over $46.2 million, including seven top prizes of $250,000 and 2,812,068 prizes ranging from $5 to $4,000.

Players have the opportunity to enter their non-winning tickets for chances to win exclusive experiential prizes, including away game trips for two to Miami for 10 years, home game ticket packages, player autographed footballs, “Chalk Talk” experiences with a member of the Patriots’ coaching staff and additional cash prizes. There will be five second chance drawings during the sales period of the $5 2014 New England Patriots Instant Ticket.

The Lottery’s portfolio of Patriots-branded tickets has amassed over $209.4 million in sales and generated approximately $33.9 million in net profit to date. Lottery profits are the largest source of unrestricted local aid for the 351 cities and towns across the Commonwealth. With a print run of 12.1 million tickets, sales from this new $5 game are expected to reach $60.5 million and can help grow monies available for return to municipalities by another $9.5 million.

Players can learn more about the new $5 2014 New England Patriots Instant Ticket by picking up a game brochure at any Lottery retailer location or by visiting the Lottery online at:

Boston Celtics and Mass. State Lottery Honor ‘Heroes’

lottery logoBoston Celtics Legend Tommy Heinsohn, Team President Rich Gotham and State Treasurer Steven Grossman, recognized 2013-2014 Heroes Among Us honorees

The Boston Celtics and the Massachusetts State Lottery honored their 2013-14 Heroes Among Us recipients at a State House ceremony today. The ceremony was attended by government officials, community leaders and professional athletes, recognizing extraordinary deeds that ranged from saving lives to bettering the lives of the less fortunate.

The honorees were recognized by Celtics Legend and Comcast SportsNet Color Analyst Tommy Heinsohn, Massachusetts State Treasurer Steven Grossman and Celtics Team President Rich Gotham before a group of more than 250 invited guests. Celtics Public Address Announcer Eddie Palladino emceed and TV Host and CEO of Lucky Gal Productions Bianca de la Garza served as the keynote speaker for the ceremony.

“I would like to congratulate all of this past season’s Heroes Among Us Award winners.” Boston Celtics Legend and Comcast SportsNet Color Analyst Tommy Heinsohn said. “You inspire us and you are all tremendous role models for our community.”

The heroes, each of whom were recognized at a Celtics home game during the season, were called to the stage individually to receive congratulations from Heinsohn, Grossman, Gotham, de la Garza and others.

“These individuals and their extraordinary deeds exemplify the best of the human spirit. They remind us of our shared desire to improve our communities and the lives of other people,” Grossman said. “I’m delighted to be part of a ceremony that celebrates these men and women and their many selfless contributions.”

Heroes Among Us honorees for the 2013-14 season included: Wendell Williams, Chuck Burke, Colonel Enoch Woodhouse, Steven Christopher, Juri Love, Jason Sissel, Jack Cadigan, Marcie Martellucci, Charles Brown, Jonah Shea, Keysha Nunez, Timothy J. McLaughlin, Michael Szczepkowski, Roosevelt Robinson, Andrea Nevins, Rene Jr. Bilodeau, Andrew Bilodeau, Kathleen Roberts, William Muse, Michael Smith, Ana Leon, Judy Giovangelo, Mike Scanlon, Spc. Carl Alves, Sgt. Daniel Vasselian, Bill Battis, Denisha Woodberry, Billy Starr, Cory Fitz-Marquez, Ruben Fitz-Marquez, Benjamin Johnston, Officer Carl Farrington, Amber Bobnar, Bohdan Pomahac, Sierra Weissm Meghan Gillespie, Derek Panora, Elizabeth Monger, Brunel Etienne, Sandy Ho, Debbie Tyborowski, Michael Fiato, Heather Rurakm Jodi Swenson, Sandy Fitzgerald, Emilie Schlitt, Caitlin Eagen, Michael Weaver, Beth Pond, Mitch Harris, Eric Halvorson, Christian E. Sampson, and Edwin Gravereaux.

The Heroes Among Us program, created by the Celtics prior to the 1997-98 season, is sponsored by the Massachusetts State Lottery and supported by Comcast SportsNet New England and 98.5 The SportsHub.

Nominations for the Heroes Among Us Award can be mailed to:

Heroes Among Us Award
c/o The Boston Celtics
226 Causeway Street
Boston, MA 02114



lottery logoRecord-Setting Sales Year Produces $971 Million in Net Profit

Calling it “a win for cities and towns across the Commonwealth,” Treasurer Steven Grossman announced today that the Lottery ended its fiscal year with an estimated $971 million in profit, $34 million higher than what was anticipated in the original FY14 state budget. With $4.861 billion in transactions, the Lottery achieved a record-setting year in terms of sales, and the resulting profit is second only to the $983 million that the Lottery generated in FY12. Lottery net profit is the single largest source of unrestricted local aid to the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns.

“I am proud that our creative and entrepreneurial management approach has resulted in another year of record or near-record performance, generating revenues that will improve the quality of life for the state’s residents by providing funding for important local initiatives,” said Grossman, who as Treasurer serves as Chairman of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. “The dramatic profit increases that the Lottery has produced over the last three years have been realized through innovation, efficiencies and an outstanding management team.”

The Lottery’s fiscal year commenced on July 1, 2013 and ended June 30, 2014. Sales of $4.861 billion topped the previous record of $4.850 billion set last year by $11 million, marking the third consecutive year of record-setting sales. Over the last three fiscal years, Lottery sales have totaled $14.453 billion, and profits $2.912 billion.

Compared to FY11, sales for FY14 are up 9.8 percent ($433.4 million) and profits are up 9.5 percent ($84.0 million). This growth has been accomplished with greater operational efficiencies, including a reduction from 406 to 394 full-time employees through attrition in that span. Further demonstrating the efficiency of operations, the Lottery spent an estimated $2.1 million less than it budgeted for administrative costs in FY14, money that was directly applied to the overall profit. The Lottery’s administrative costs remained at approximately 2 percent of overall revenues, the lowest of any U.S. lottery.

Grossman also pointed to enhanced marketing and continued evaluation and revamping of the game offerings as contributors to the Lottery’s three most successful years. Most recently, after considerable analysis, the Lottery introduced its first $30 instant ticket, “World Class Millions,” which helped fuel unprecedented levels of overall instant ticket sales in the weeks following its April launch. The momentum has continued into the beginning of FY15, with total gross sales of all Lottery products up 5.6 percent from FY14 over the first three weeks of July.

“Thanks to the efforts from our employees and statewide network of retail partners, and to the continued support from our players, we have once again reached new levels of success and maximized profit made available to cities and towns,” said Beth Bresnahan, Lottery Executive Director. “While the Lottery is posting record-breaking figures, our players and retailers are also enjoying record or near-record numbers of their own.”

The Lottery awarded $3.515 billion in prizes in FY14, second only to the $3.523 billion awarded last fiscal year. Prize payouts for a given year can fluctuate based on the schedule or rate at which players cash in their prizes. With 72.3 percent of all revenue returned to players in the form of winnings in FY14, the Massachusetts Lottery has the highest payout percentage of any lottery in the country. Meanwhile, Lottery retailers earned over $277 million in retailer commissions and bonuses in FY14, topping the mark of $276 million set last fiscal year.

While the FY14 figures have not been formally audited, the Lottery does not expect them to change substantially once that annual review process is complete. Lottery officials anticipate completing the finalized financial statement of operations in early September.

The Massachusetts State Lottery was created in 1972 to generate much-needed local aid revenues for the Commonwealth’s cities and towns. Since its inception, the Lottery has returned more than $21 billion in net profit to the Commonwealth.


World Class Millions 2014    

“World Class Millions” features over $600 million in cash prizes, including a $15 million top prize – the largest instant win prize in Massachusetts history – and second chance opportunities to win up to $1 million!

The Massachusetts Lottery today released a $30 instant “scratch” ticket that offers a whopping $15 million top prize – the largest instant win prize in the state Lottery’s history.

The new World Class Millions instant ticket features over $600 million in total prize money, including four $15 million and 36 $1 million immediate “scratch and win” prizes, as well as over 1.39 million prizes from $100 to $50,000. Five $1 million prizes will also be awarded via the game’s exciting second-chance drawing program that allows players to enter their non-winning tickets online for opportunities to win substantial cash prizes.

With an overall prize payout of 80.7 percent,World Class Millions boasts the highest payout percentage of any game ever offered by the Massachusetts Lottery. The chance of winning a prize in the new game is 1 in 2.81, which is also a Lottery best.

World Class Millions presents its players with a thrilling opportunity to win up to 30 times on a single ticket. Each ticket contains 10 “Winning Numbers” and 30 “Your Numbers,” each of which contain 30 prize values. If one or more of the “Your Numbers” match the “Winning Numbers,” the player wins the corresponding amount. There are also “2X,” “5X,” “10X,” “20X,” and “100X” symbols in the “Your Numbers” spots, which multiplies any winning combinations, as well as a burst symbol that automatically awards players with a $100 instant win.

The Massachusetts Lottery introduced the world’s first instant ticket product, a $1 ticket named The Instant Game, in May 1974 – a move that revolutionized the lottery industry and established Massachusetts as a lottery innovator. In the 40 years since, the Massachusetts Lottery has grown to be the world’s leader in instant ticket sales, generating over $3.34 billion annually.

Until today, the highest-priced scratch ticket offered in the Bay State was $20; however, the $30 game is not new to the lottery industry. Neighboring states, including Connecticut which introduced the nation’s first $30 ticket in 2002, and New Hampshire which first released a $30 game in 2009, as well as launched a $25 ticket last month, have long had success with higher-priced games. Several other states across the nation, including Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, have all added $30 tickets to their instant game portfolios in recent months. The Texas Lottery offers the nation’s top-priced ticket, a $50 game.

With a print run of 25.2 million tickets, sales from the new $30 World Class Millions game are expected to reach $756 million and the potential net profit that will be generated is $86.8 million. Lottery profits are the largest source of unrestricted local aid for the 351 cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

Players can learn more about the Massachusetts Lottery’s new $30 World Class Millions instant ticket and its exciting second-chance drawings by visiting any of the 7,400 licensed retail locations across the state or by logging on to the Lottery’s website.



New $2 game marks Lottery’s 7th Red Sox-branded game offering; features over $18.9 million in instant cash prizes, 2nd chance opportunities to win VIP game night experiences, authentic memorabilia & even more cash in an on-field challenge!

The Massachusetts Lottery and the Boston Red Sox are adding to their winning line up of team-branded “scratch” games with the new 2014 Red Sox Instant Ticket. The new ticket, priced at $2, hits shelves today at the Lottery’s 7,400 licensed retailers across the state.

The 2014 Red Sox Instant Ticket marks the Lottery’s seventh Red Sox-branded offering since 2006, when Massachusetts introduced the lottery industry’s first scratch ticket to feature a Major League Baseball team logo. The new ticket is emblazoned with an image of the renowned Commissioner’s Trophy and celebrates the team’s 2013 World Series Championship win.

The Lottery’s portfolio of Red Sox-branded tickets have amassed over $929.6 million in sales and generated approximately $127.6 million in net profit to-date. Lottery profits are the largest source of unrestricted local aid for the 351 cities and towns across the Commonwealth. With a print run of 15.1 million tickets, sales from this new $2 game are expected to reach $30.2 million and can help grow monies available for return to municipalities by another $5.9 million.

The 2014 Red Sox Instant Ticket offers immediate “scratch and win” cash prizes totaling over $18.9 million, including 15 top prizes of $50,000 and 3,168,300 prizes ranging from $5,000 to $2.

The game also features a unique second-chance drawing program through which players can enter their non-winning tickets for a chance to win unique game-night experiences, an array of authentic team-branded memorabilia that players can choose from via an online prize store and even more money – up to $25,000 cash – in a contest held on the field at Fenway Park during a home game.

Players can learn more about the new $2 2014 Red Sox Instant Ticket by picking up a game brochure at any Lottery retailer location or by visiting the Lottery online at:


March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the warning signs of problem gambling, and that help is available.

The Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling is pleased to announce that they have created a new television public service announcement to launch in conjunction with the campaign.

The focus is on a father/son relationship, and the central theme for the PSA is, “There are games you shouldn’t miss.” It features a young man who is waiting for his dad to show up at the basketball court for a game.

The video was developed free of charge, thanks to the Suffolk University Film Club, and is available in both English and Spanish.

You can view the PSA by clicking here. Please feel free to like it or share it via your social media channels.

For more information, please contact Mass. Council on Compulsive Gambling's Communications Specialist, Sasha Russell at



Treasurer Cites Experience and Continuity in Leading the Nation’s Most Successful Lottery

Treasurer Steven Grossman today appointed Beth Bresnahan as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission, drawing on the management and marketing expertise that has led to record-breaking profits at the Lottery in recent years. Bresnahan replaces Paul Sternburg, who is leaving to start a consulting business in the lottery industry.

“Beth is driven by results, and her strategic marketing approach has been a boon to the cities and towns that depend on Lottery profits for unrestricted local aid,” said Grossman. “Her innovative management style is one of the main reasons that the Lottery has generated such unprecedented levels of revenue, and I’m delighted that she is assuming this top leadership role.”

Prior to today’s appointment, Bresnahan served as the Lottery’s Assistant Executive Director and Director of Marketing and Communications, a role in which she helped develop engaging games, promotional programs and outreach strategies that resonated with the Lottery’s players. In the last two fiscal years, the Lottery achieved its two highest annual profit levels in history, $984 million in 2012 and $956 million in 2013. Those two fiscal years also set new records for sales, with $4.741 billion being generated in 2012 and $4.850 billion being generated in 2013.

“I appreciate the Treasurer’s confidence in my capabilities and am honored he has asked me to undertake this leadership role at the Lottery,” said Bresnahan. “Our team has worked to build an even more efficient and profitable business model during the last three years. I look forward to guiding the Lottery on a continued path of growth and success.”

Paul Sternburg was appointed Executive Director of the Lottery in January of 2011 when Grossman came into office. The Treasurer credited Sternburg’s leadership and sales and marketing expertise as “absolutely essential to the record-breaking success of the Lottery over the past three years,” and went on to say “as the leader of the most successful lottery in the United States, Paul has distinguished himself as one of the industry’s most imaginative and knowledgeable voices.”

Sternburg, who has 17 years of experience with state lotteries, stated that he believes “the industry is on the cusp of major innovation and change,” and that he looks forward to working with a talented industry to “leverage technology and partnerships to help deliver revenue to good causes and facilitate responsible growth.” He will continue to be based in the Boston area. “Treasurer Grossman and I built a great lottery team and we have positioned the Massachusetts Lottery as world leader; I am grateful to have served the Commonwealth and the Treasurer in this critical role,” said Sternburg.

The Massachusetts Lottery Commission was established in 1971, and its profits are the largest source of unrestricted local aid for the 351 cities and towns across the Commonwealth.




Attention Second Chance winners of the “Boston Bruins®” VIP Experience prize:

The event scheduled for Wednesday January 22nd, 2014 at the TD Garden is being POSTPONED due to weather conditions and safety concerns. Earlier today you may have received a phone call and/or email stating this would only be cancelled if the Governor called an official State of Emergency. That is no longer the case. This event is postponed even if there is no State of Emergency alert for Massachusetts.

While we regret having to make this announcement so late in the day, your safety is of our greatest concern, along with ensuring the most enjoyable experience for all who attend.

We will be working with the Bruins to reschedule this event as soon as possible.

Once we have a date from the Bruins we will make contact with you using the email address above. We will follow up that email with a certified letter informing you of the new date.

Please update MDI if your contact information changes at 1-800-275-4744.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe during the storm.


Starting with the January 22, 2014 Powerball drawing, the Power Play add-on feature will change to a random multiplier, increasing the opportunity to win larger cash prizes.

Just before each Powerball drawing, a multiplier number (2X, 3X, 4X, 5X) will be randomly drawn. If a player purchased the Power Play option for an extra $1 per play, that randomly selected number will be used to multiply any prizes won with the exception the JACKPOT and the Match 5 prize (which will increase from $1 million to a set $2 million with Power Play).






Maureen & Stephen Hinckley claim $61,461,010 jackpot prize won in 12/11/13 Powerball drawing, select $34.1 million cash opt.

A Sterling, Massachusetts couple has 61.4 million reasons to celebrate the New Year after stepping forward today and claiming their share of a $122.9 million lottery jackpot won in December.

Maureen Hinckley, who is an avid lottery player, stated that she was shocked and in disbelief upon opening the local newspaper on the morning of December 12th and seeing her “regular numbers” – a combination of her family members’ birthdays – in print. The 58-year old homemaker asked her family to confirm that what she saw was true before calling her husband Stephen, 61, at work. The couple kept quiet with the news of their win, only informing a select few, while they sought the advice of a lawyer to best plan for the cash windfall was to come their way.

The Hinckleys elected to receive the $34,182,986 cash option on the $64,461,010 jackpot prize, which after state and federal taxes withholdings will amount to $23,928,090.20. It takes approximately two weeks to process the jackpot win, so the couple walked away today with an oversized ceremonial check and a bit more time to think about what they will do with the winnings.

The couple has been married for 38 years and have four adult children, as well as four grandchildren. They have lived in Sterling for 28 years, plan to stay in the town, and do not foresee the jackpot prize impacting their lifestyle too much.

“We have always wanted to visit the National Parks and travel more, so that will likely be something we’ll do once this has all settled in,” said Maureen. “And my husband planned on retiring in the next few years, so that will be happening much sooner now.”

Maureen played the winning ticket at Appletown Market located at 9 Main Street in Sterling, where she stops every Saturday morning to buy lottery tickets. The store owner, Chirag Patel, also benefitted from the Hinckleys’ jackpot win after receiving a $50,000 commission -- the highest retailer commission paid by the Massachusetts Lottery -- for selling the winning ticket. Patel has been a Lottery retailer since November 2011.

The Hinckleys’ prize is the largest Powerball jackpot-winning ticket sold in Massachusetts to-date. Since the game was introduced to Bay State players in January 2010, there have been three Powerball jackpot wins in the state, including the Hinckleys’. On December 12, 2012, Rosa DeLeon of Arlington and Reginald LeBlanc of Lexington, coworkers at Costco won a $50 million jackpot. The duo selected the cash option on the jackpot prize and received a one-time, lump sum payment of approximately $33 million, before taxes. And, on June 8, 2011, James “Jimmy” Freeman, a retired U.S. Navy civilian worker from Fall River, came forward to claim his jackpot just several hours after learning he won the $25.6 million prize. Freeman opted to take the cash payment of $13.4 million, before taxes.

Powerball's top prize for Saturday, January 4th is an estimated $60 million. The $2 game is played in 43 states, Washington, DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. in Florida. Drawing videos and game results are posted on the Lottery’s website.

For more information on Powerball or any of the Massachusetts Lottery’s games, visit:


Ticket #0008414 sold in Salisbury wins $560,015 jackpot in Mass. Lottery’s SUPER 50/50 Raffle

One Massachusetts Lottery player will be starting the New Year with 560,015 additional reasons to celebrate after winning the jackpot prize in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s SUPER 50/50 Raffle which was drawn earlier this morning.

The winning ticket, bearing the numbers 0008414, was sold at Dick’s Variety North, 4 Main Street in Salisbury. The $560,015 prize will be paid to the winner in a single lump sum payment, less taxes. The retailer will receive a $50,000 commission for selling the jackpot-winning raffle ticket.

The Lottery will not know the identity of the winning ticket holder until he or she comes forward to claim the prize. The winner has one year from the drawing date to do so. Lottery offices are closed today in observance of the holiday, so the earliest a winner could come forward is tomorrow morning at 8:45 am when the Lottery reopens for business.

The SUPER 50/50 Raffle operates just like traditional 50/50 raffle games that are often offered at sporting events – the jackpot grows with every ticket sold and one lucky ticket holder wins exactly half of the game’s total sales. For every $10 SUPER 50/50 Raffle ticket sold, $5, or 50 percent, directly funds the game’s jackpot. Game sales for this SUPER 50/50 Raffle began on October 1st and concluded on the evening of December 31st. The Lottery sold a total of 112,003 tickets which resulted in the $560,015 jackpot prize.

This was the Lottery’s third SUPER 50/50 Raffleoffering. The Blue Pacific Sun Trust of Granby, MA took home a cash prize of over $1.15 million in the New Year’s Day 2013 drawing, and Charles McCaster of Randolph, MA won $528,710 in a July 2, 2013 raffle drawing.

In addition to awarding the SUPER 50/50 Raffle’s jackpot prize, the Lottery also held weekly “Holiday Bonus Wednesday” drawings to reward players who picked up a raffle ticket early in the game’s sales period. Every Wednesday starting on November 6th through December 25th, five (5) lucky ticket numbers were randomly drawn from the pool of tickets sold to win a $2,000 bonus prize. A total of 40 $2,000 “Holiday Bonus Wednesday” bonus prizes were selected leading up to today's SUPER 50/50 Raffle drawing.

For more information on the SUPER 50/50 Raffle and to view the 40 winning “Holiday Bonus Wednesday” drawing numbers, visit