Lucky Ticket Megabucks Doubler Promotion Winners 2017

Summer Blast Promotion 2017
261-007822083-113310 270-003961347-110810
262-001186562-115710 271-040799241-117010
264-034842882-113610 272-004374784-112610
264-000251656-111010 273-036354305-118410
264-000638472-117010 273-022440450-112710
264-038186505-113410 274-005292547-117210
266-050845184-116910 274-052264706-115410
268-051653634-119710 274-021359624-118110
268-036185609-115110 274-050944777-111010
269-054177538-110610 274-021645065-117410

Winners of the Lucky Ticket Megabucks Doubler Promotion must claim their prizes by
September 26, 2017 at a Lottery regional office.
To claim a prize holders of the ticket containing the selected serial number must present the actual ticket, a valid photo id,
and proof of social security number. Prizes will be mailed approximately two weeks after claim. Actual prize amount will be less applicable taxes and withholdings. Prizes not claimed by September 26, 2017 will be forfeited
Subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Massachusetts State Lottery.

You must be 18 years or older to play the Massachusetts Lottery.

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